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X Filez Vol. 2 Beat CD
X Filez Vol. 2 (The Lost Beats) 🔊 Produced By Blackout 🔥10 High Quality Wav. Full Beat 1 tag 🎧 Read more.
Be sure to check back for the latest updates, new features, productions, collabs and releases. The latest project I’ve released Read more.
Checkout New Videos! exclusive raw studio footage, YouTube videos,phone videos, beat tutorials etc. MORE VIDEOS HERE Read more.
Contact me at  blackout@blackoutmuzik.com  or fill in contact form below.  Read more.
🎧I upload beats randomly on my website. Although I don’t put all my tracks on the player, you can still Read more.
  Playa Posse: “Bigga And Betta Thangs” features : Lil Peanut / Wako / Lil Slim / Lil E / Read more.
Dreamworld Tshirts Available Now! Read more.
These are the most sought out underground tapes by far!.. from my earlier productions dating far back as to 1994 Read more.

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