Lost In The Underground


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Lost In The Underground Mixtape…is a compilation of songs recorded  in my earlier years starting from 1993 -1995 . This is Part 1 to never released songs recorded and remastered from the original 4 track tapes. These are the years when we started making a name for ourselves in all the hoods in Memphis Tn.. I produced arranged and recorded all the songs , as of course that’s what I’m known for… This Mixtape features one of my first groups “Nightmare Niggaz” consisting of myself and none other than the mystical Wizzod my partner in crime back in the days. Then, none other than my bros Lil Slim, Lil E always riding with me..then we got my Lil brother the infamous Lil Terror, at least that’s how it started but it wasn’t long before we dropped the “Lil” and he just became Terror.. that flow been had’em scared! This Mixtape will have a Part 2 so stay tuned… And oh Yeah..This will also be released on cassette by Trill Hill Tapes, first time to tape to be releases officially…THANKS AND SHOUTS OUT TO ALL MY  FANS & SUPPORTERS!